Why is chiropractic care so darn important?
Let me take my doctor hat off for a minute. I’m sure most of you know that I have been under chiropractic care the majority of my life. My mother saw it important to our health. I grew up assuming everyone did it. You go when you hurt, when you don’t hurt, when you were sick, and more often when you were playing sports. Even when I went away to college (and had to pay for adjustments!), I sought chiropractic care for trouble sleeping, aches, pains, headaches, and more. It wasn’t until college when I realized not everyone went to a chiropractor, or knew what chiropractic was.

Ok, so, knowing this it wasn’t until I went to chiropractic school that I realized the full potential of chiropractic as a form of healthcare. Let me use some analogies. You have a home phone. Fuzz, what sounds like other callers, high pitched noises, cutting in and out are all common problems that affect the quality of your phone call. Now, where or what is the cause? The truth is that there is lots of room for error. It could be a line that is frayed or cut. What about a transformer that has blown? Miscommunication between you and your provider (ie they turned off service)? The body works very similarly. Brain is home-base and all the nerves in the body are the telephone lines. When you get pain, tingling, or numbness, there is usually one BIG source of nerve irritation. Spinal vertebrae that are misaligned cause irritation to the beginning of the nerve at that level. This can cause muscle tension, muscle spasm, inflammation, and pain all along that nerve. Now where is that nerve going? To your finger, intestine, ear, somewhere in your head? The fact that irritation is present causes dysfunction down the line. That dysfunction can mean headaches, indigestion, tightness in your chest, sciatica, and tingling in your fingers or toes to name a few. And if that irritation is left alone, it can lead to much more serious conditions.

Now, my point. While I truly believe that chiropractic can help LOTS of problems, your job is to constantly challenge me to that! I want you to tell me about a new (or old) problem so that I can help. And if you haven’t given it any further thought – Bring your kiddos in to get “checked out.” With all the falls and run-ins they take, their little bodies need to be working at 100% when growing.

One last point. In case I haven’t told you, each adjustment gives you an immune boost. Your white blood cells increase in number over the next 24 hours. This can be crucial when you are sick or are starting to feel sick. So don’t be afraid to keep that appointment when you are sick. It may be just the boost you need to get better more quickly.

I hope that you understand that chiropractic is more than just getting your back “cracked.” It really is a lifestyle. I hope that you can see why it is important to use chiropractic for more than just back pain.