your first visit

What can you expect at your
first visit to our office?

After welcoming you in, you will receive a tour of our office.  You will then meet with Dr. Vicki to begin your initial consultation.   This allows you to discuss your concerns and learn how chiropractic can help you.  During your consultation, insurance benefits will be determined by our staff and discussed with you.

If the doctor feels you will benefit from chiropractic care, a complete health history will be taken as well.  A full neurological and orthopedic examination will be performed to find the source of your pain(s).  X-rays may be taken, if necessary.

A brief summary of the findings will be discussed.  At the next visit, a full report of findings will explain the examination findings and x-ray findings.  A treatment plan will be given to show the best schedule to be free of pain and optimal health.  You will also receive your first adjustment and any therapies that may be necessary.

The Doctors Regularly Use:

  • SOT (blocks):  A gentle form of adjusting that helps to balance the pelvis and lower back.  Can be used during pregnancy for easy, comfortable adjusting.

  • Diversified: A “hands-on” style of adjusting that is traditional to most all chiropractic offices.

  • Flexion/Distraction: A gentle form for adjusting the mid to lower back where the spine is decompressed and distracted at each level to promote increased blood flow, nutrition, and motion into the joints, ligaments, and muscles.  This style is best used for disc herniations, degeneration of discs, sciatica, and scoliosis.

  • Activator: A gentle, instrument assisted style of adjustments that balance the motion of the spine with a light force.

  • Drop-Table, aka Thompson style: A style of adjustment used to balance the pelvis and lower back where the table assists the doctors adjustment.  This is another gentle form of adjusting the spine.

What does an adjustment feel like?

Adjustments are gentle and safe.  The doctor utilizes a number of techniques that will aid in your quick healing.  Techniques are discussed and fully explained to you BEFORE treatment begins.  Each person’s comfort level is important to the doctor!

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