It is sometimes amazing to me that parents (who are patients) do not think about bringing their children into the office for assessment and treatment. I have to blame myself for this. I have not done a great job at educating them the importance of chiropractic care to their health and the health of their family.

Now, when we think of chiropractors, we immediately think, “Back Pain.” While this is how some of my fellow doctors have branded themselves, I do not readily identify with this thought. I look at chiropractic as a wellness treatment, a complimentary alternative to allopathic medicine. Now, as you may guess, I don’t use my MD regularly. I see them as directed, when I am sick. Chiropractic is just the opposite. It is preventative.

The body is an amazing thing that I am in awe of daily. To see the smiling faces of people who come in saying, “I feel pretty good” and see them walk out feeling that much better shows me there is more to what I do than just “crack backs.” It is a lifestyle choice – A lifestyle where people are in-tune with their bodies and listen to what is has to say, make the appropriate accomodations, and make healthier choices. I’m proud of what I do. And I’m more proud of my practice where you all listen and learn.

So, if for some reason, I haven’t done my job and properly educating you of how chiropractic really works – just ask me. I’d love the opportunity.